Take 3 for the Sea, Marine Debris Arts Competition

Winners: Tuggerah Lakes Secondary, Tumbi Campus

Plastic pollution is invading our oceans and waterways and harming marine and birdlife through entanglement and ingestion, so we decided to do something about it!! Take 3 is a simple message encouraging everyone, everyday to take three pieces of rubbish away from our waterways, when they have left after having a surf, walk or swim. A way of giving back to nature through this small gesture. 

To raise awareness of this alarming issue, in July 2011, Take 3 ran a School Arts Competition, with twenty one Central Coast schools receiving a blank canvas from Lend Lease-Erina Fair. Students were asked to collect marine debris for use in their artwork and submit for exhibition at Erina Fair's Centre Court. Twenty three submissions were displayed during the July school holidays and attracted a lot of attention!

Winners of High School Division, Year 9 students from Tumbi Campus, Tuggerah Lakes Secondary (TLSC) created a conceptual piece that was open to interpretation, of a half octopus half medusa like character, plastic suckered tentacles entangling a turtles neck. Fine pieces of plastic debris were used for her hair. Quite thought provoking!


Contact mandy@take3.org.au or tim@take3.org.au regarding presentations to SRC or focus groups at your school.