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Aquatic Plants


Aquatic plants are plants which are found in waterways- oceans, creeks, rivers, streams, lakes and lagoons.  They can be grouped into three categories:

  • Submerged and floating leaves;
  • Free floating plants;
  • Emergent plants.


Aquatic plants play an important role in the aquatic ecosystem. They:

  • Provide oxygen, a food source and habitat for aquatic animals;
  • Provide a food source and breeding site for birds;
  • Help stabilise river banks and beds; and
  • Remove some of the harmful pollution from the water.

Did You Know?

Submerged aquatic plants contribute 5 times more oxygen to the water than they consume.

Native vs Weeds

Like aquatic fauna, native species have evolved over time to have life cycles which are suited to the unique flow regimes found within Australian ecosystems.  Studies have shown that introduced species (also known as weeds) are favoured by changes to the natural flow regime. 

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