Impact of human activity on the Earth's resources


What is salinity?

Salinity is the term used to describe the saltiness of the water and soil.  The higher the levels of salinity the more salt there is in the water or soil.  Ocean water has a higher level of salinity than fresh water.  You can taste the saltiness of the water when you go to the beach.

Land clearing and salinity

One consequence of land clearing in Australia is salinity.  When trees and vegetation is cleared from the land, rain then seeps into the soil and water table.  This then brings all the salts that are underground to the surface. Here the salt is absorbed by the plants through their roots.  The plants then die because there is too much salt in the water, and they can’t live with all the salt. 

It is like trying to grow a tree using saltwater from the ocean- It doesn’t work.


Life Skills
Topic: LS.15 A student explore the impact of human activity on the Earth's resources
Outcome: Students learn about the effect of human activitiy on the environment