Lifeskills- Science

States of Matter

What does a glass of water, an ice cube and the steam from your boiling kettle all have in common?  They are all water. 

But they don’t look the same!  Yes that is true.  They look very different, but they are all water.

There are 3 states of matter:

  • Liquid

  • Solid

  • Gas

Water is the ONLY element thing on Earth that can be found naturally as all three states.  Let’s find out more.


Liquid Water

The water that we drink and swim in is a liquid

There are lots of different places we find liquid water in our lives-

In the ocean

Swimming pool


From our tap


Solid Water

Solid water is water that is found as ice, snow, sleet and hail. 


If you put an ice cube in a glass of water does it float or sink?

It floats.  This is because solid water (the ice cube) is not as dense as the water.


Water Vapour

Water vapour is what water is called when it is a gas.  Water can become water vapour by three different ways:

  • Evaporation of liquid water.  When you boil the kettle you can see “steam” coming from the kettle.  This is water vapour.

  • Sublimation of solid water.  Where water goes from a solid to a gas without becoming a liquid first.

  • Transpiration.  Where water from the leaves of plants evaporates. 

Life Skills
Topic: LS.8- Common Substances
Outcome: Students learn about states of matter