Badhu meaning Water

‘Badhu’ - meaning ‘water’ - was the first word in the ‘revitalised Darkinyung language’ learnt at the age of two by Jack Chambers, a young member of the Central Coast's Darkinyung community.

Darkinyung is an indigenous Australian nation located between Sydney and Newcastle in the inland areas of New South Wales' Central Coast. In recent years the Darkinyung Language Group ably supported by linguist Dr Caroline Jones has been revitalising the Darkinyung language which had been in decline for much of the twentieth century. The book "Darkinyung Grammar and Dictionary; revitalising a language from historical sources", published by the Muurrbay Aboriginal Language and Culture Co-operative, is an outcome of their painstaking efforts to resurrect the language as it was spoken in the late nineteenth century by the Darkinyung, one of the original peoples of the Central Coast of NSW.


Bronwyn Chambers, a Darkinyung Descendant & Chair Person of the Darkinyung Language Group reports:

"This resource will be used as a tool to help us teach our people, children and future generations the importance of language and that it is key to discovering our culture, identity and heritage."

The Darkinyung language project has been supported by, among others, the University of Wollongong; the Gibalee Centre - Wollotuka School of Aboriginal Studies University of Newcastle, Ourimbah Campus; the Federal Government; Wyong Shire Council; and Wyong High School.